BOE Alta


The leading display panel supplier BOE approached us, to transform their business into a premium design brand.

How do we elevate an electronic giant to become a credible design leader in the premium TV market?

ALTA is flawless.

Usability, design and technology needed to be as good as they could possible be. One example of this, the UI automatically reacts to the TV surroundings and adapts to its natural viewing environment.

ALTA is meaningful.

Rather than consolidating all possible functions, we focused on the core tasks with the goal to execute them better than any previous offering.

A persistent and intuitive interaction concept enabled us to design a minimal remote.

Clear and understandable steps lead the user through the set-up process.

We tired to have as little UI as necessary. Subtile, translucent controls frame the content without distracting from it.

The file browser, with access to all shared media in the network, offers smart filters to browse and find content.

The media controls are consistent throughout the UI, and adapt intelligently to the media source.

ALTA is naturally beautiful.

We crafted every last detail into a self-evident part of the overall design, until there is nothing more to add nor to reduce. Following this principle, the translucent UI is reduced to show only the active sources.

These uncompromising principles in terms of simplicity and design quality, allowed us to build and define a UI platform for a series of premium TVs, offering an intuitive, lean-back experience on TV´s and even extend to an engaging and collaborative experience on wall-sized, interactive whiteboards.

We had the opportunity to shape the face of a new premium brand experience by developing and a consistently bold design language across UI, ID, and Packaging Design.

“This product is minimalistic, puristic and innovative.“



BOE  at LUNAR / 2014

My Role

Creative direction

Project Management

Interaction Concept

User Testing



2015 Red Dot Award